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Response to Jim Sensenbrenner on his interview to the Freeman News Paper

By Brian Huber of the Freeman

WAUKESHA ‹ Wisconsin U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner on Thursday said no
more U.S. aid or food would go to the ³rogue state² of North Korea in the
foreseeable future, and called on China to help defuse growing tensions on
its neighboring peninsula
My Response:
I believe the innocent citizens of North Korea should not be penalized by imposing sanctions upon the country. Instead, we should be inviting North Korea to productive negotiations that will be in the best interest of North Korea, China, and the USA. Belittling and sanctioning them for the last 60+ years has accomplished little. Today we could be facing WWIII. We need to try something different than always policing other countries, how about we try to work on opening a discussion to help all parties satisfy their goals. Previous Presidents have tried to manage an open dialog, but our current President is proposing annihilation. Peace and prosperity should always be the goal.

Q2. Turning to the comprehensive tax reform Republicans want to undertake, he said the failure to repeal Obamacare means that its taxes remain in place and $1 trillion less is available for tax relief, and he pinned the blame on

My Response:
There is a multitude of issue's that sabotage our healthcare system that is directly related to our tax system, and both systems do not benefit the majority of Americans (Middle class), for instance:
1. We pay the highest drug prices in the world.
2. Companies are making trillions while dodging taxes in the USA by stashing their money in offshore banks.
3. A college education in the medical field requires a lifetime of repayment, which contributes to cost of visiting a doctor
4. By giving a living wage allows Americans to buy more products and see healthcare professionals for preventative measures.
5. The backtracking of EPA standards is poisoning our food, air, and water causing Americans to get sicker.
6. We need to stop trying to recreate the wheel, we have a great system in Medicare why are they not trying to figure ways to implement this for all Americans?
Q3. Tax reform, privacy legislation on deck
Regarding tax reform and the standard mortgage interest deductions enjoyed
by homeowners, ³there is no proposal that is on the table to do away with²
that, Sensenbrenner said. But he predicted fewer state residents would
itemize their tax deductions because he expects more exemptions in the tax
code, all in the name of simplifying things.

My response:
In the first place trickle down economics has never worked. Secondly, in having the highest corporate tax rates in the world, why is our infrastructure crumbling, why are people starving? Why are our veterans homeless? Why are we 36th in the world in math, 30th in science? Obviously, corporate tax rates are not the issue? I do not have the answers but instead of pointing fingers we need to come together not as republicans or democrats but as American people like we did after the great depression and work together for the betterment of all of us, not just a wealthy few. Jim Sensebrenner wants us to focus on proposed tax relief for the middle class while ignoring the proposed tax break for the top 10% as a smoke and mirrors tactic. We should be investigating why the system wastes taxpayer money instead if helping Americans get a hand up. The tax system needs to be recategorized to benefit the American worker not just the CEO of the company.

Q4.Sensenbrenner also predicted the passage of the USA LIBERTY Act, to protect
Americans from government searches of their communications.
My response:
I Agree with Jim's stance on this issue.

Q5. NFL demonstrations
Lastly, Sensenbrenner was asked his thoughts on the national anthem
demonstrations in the NFL and President Trump¹s call for firing players who
participate in them. He said he believes everyone should stand for the
anthem out of respect for what the flag stands for and sacrifices of those
who fight and have fought to defend it throughout our history.

My Response:
My Father fought in WWII for everyone to have the right to be free not for a flag or a song but the freedom that the constitution gives us. When these freedoms get twisted to fit someone narrative is when we have things like people all upset over why these players are actually kneeling, they have stated it is the abuse of African Americans by an officer of the law. Even a retired Staff Seargent talked with Colin Kaepernick about his right under the constitution to protest the National Anthem that teams only started standing for since 2009, I support anyone who follows our laws and constitution. The President of the USA does not have the right to tell a corporation who to hire and or fire.

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