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Renewable energy....

Clean Energy has shown to, over a period of 3 years, to double the number of jobs over the fossil fuel industry. It also will never spill or give workers black lung or whatever horrific disease you can think of.

We continue to invest in massive pipelines when we should be putting that money in clean renewables and education.

Just because we have taken steps backward in dropping out of the Paris Climate Agreement, it does not mean we cannot take steps to move over to renewables starting in 2018. We need better representation that will put the facts on climate change over the greed of the Oil industry. 

It is time to change the trajectory of our planet's climate and continue to make it livable for our children and their children.

ALL while creating millions of jobs for decades to come, this will invite new technology and would require a better education agenda. 

We need to incorporate new ideas like ALL street lights moved to solar power, wind turbines near our great lake.  Using solar and battery technology and we will finally get a train system from Milwaukee to Greenbay to Madison to all points in between and around.

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