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Born 1977 in Waukegan, Ill was adopted at 3 days old, my mother is of Puerto Rican descent my father is German. Grew up in Riverside, CA attended Rancho Verde High school was a 3.5 gpa student. Was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003 at Loma Linda Medical center.

Worked as a manager at Lowe's, a Foreman at Ft. Lewis and worked as a telemetry tech at Santa Ana Hospital in California. Have a beautiful Son who is 9 years old. I attended La Cordon Bleu in Chicago. I wrote 2 books and became a life coach.

Currently, I am a Full-time PCA <Personal care assistant> for an elderly lady who has Multiple Sclerosis. I am a Published Author 2 books titled No More MS Depression MS-101 & No More MS Depression MS-102 Finding the pieces to your puzzle.

I am a father of a 10-year-old boy I entered this race because I am tired of our children being gunned down for how they look, or just going to school or a movie or who you choose to love! We should be expanding healthcare and education not hindering people from the opportunity to achieve a better life. Being Hispanic it is a shame to watch people make choices for immigrants who have no idea what it is like to just want EQUAL rights and to just achieve a better life for their family. 

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