Welcome to the Ramon Hyron Garcia campaign site. Together we will start where Bernie Sanders left off and continue the revolution to change this country, town by town, state by state.

Together we shall stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We as a people of this GREAT country will not allow big business, pharma, and oil control the lives of everyone who does not have the resources to fight back.

I am one of you. I am a disabled Hispanic man on Social security living check to check and I had to file bankruptcy due to not having health insurance. This is all before the ACA and has a preexisting condition. Now the Republicans voted to take it away, just to give tax breaks to those who do not need it. 



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Saturday, June 30, 2018 7:56 PM

Just Because I Fell short of signatures needed....

I am still a write-in! If you still want a TRUE progressive that signed the CFAR & CWAC that cares for PEOPLE over profit, Equality, No wall STRONG gun background checks, Increase taxes on the top 2% Healthcare IS A RIGHT ASSAULT RIFLES ARE NOT. WE MUST HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS BEFORE WE CAN TACKLE ANYTHING ELSE., We have been watching rights for blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ and WOMAN go backward for the last 40 years its past time to finally represent the most abused people in our country the NON-WEALTHY, MINORITY, LGBTQ, and WOMEN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE.


So I ask you, do we want ANOTHER establishment type or a true progressive who will put your needs before anything else? WRITE IN RAMON H GARCIA AUGUST 14, 2018 


My Commercial

Sunday, June 24, 2018 8:17 PM

Why I am running

I got in this race believing that with Donald Trump only caring for money and himself and all of his GOP puppets like Jim Sensenbrenner who is the current congressman for district 5 here in Great Wisconsin.

I was adopted at 3 days old by an African American family, The JOhnson's were 50 years old when they took me home. Growing up I sat at my father's feet him explaining to me why people looked at us funny a little light skinned boy and a black father...

Also, all the racism he had to deal with growing up in Biloxi, MS in the 30's and 40's 50's 60's and so on. I remember in 1980 sitting on my dad's lap like I have done so many mornings before but this morning was different, my father was not his same old happy self, so I proceeded to ask him "what was wrong". My father then told me "Son when you get older you will understand more, BUt the guy I voted for unfortunately did not win and this will be a big step backwards for people of color". "But if you ever find yourself in a place to help people NO MATTER the COLOR RACE OR RELIGION, YOU be sure to help them, Do not forget ok son."

Skip to 2016, I was like many others dumbfounded when DJT won the Presidency... Now Fast-forward to today with the crisis going on at our border, our children being killed in droves IN OUR SCHOOLS, we are arguing over LGBTQ right still Black lives still do not matter in 2018 REALLY Healthcare is still a Business, People are still arguing over Science FACT on climate we are watching our government keep tunneling down the BIG MONEY hole.


I have not begged for donations refused to take money from BIG BUSINESS like COMCAST, GE, NRA or PHARMA. Because it is more about issues not how much money I raised...

But it is MY mistake to think ANY of the SO called people that were supposed to help did NOT.! But I tell you I will continue on until I see equality for all not for just a few.


Monday, June 18, 2018 8:03 PM

This Barbaric Policy

Make NO MISTAKE I condemn ANY policy that separates children from their parents. Like you I am HORRIFIED knowing that the country I LOVE this beautiful country, the land of tolerance is NOW under a bunch of cowardly puppets in Congress...

Please be sure that whoever you vote for August 14, 2018, in the primary is going to put PEOPLE FIRST! You are going to hear how proud they are of how they are peds nurses or small business owners, this is a shiny light to try to distract you from the fact they have NO IDEA what it is like to be disabled, a minority, or in poverty or has seen why Black lives matter, Well I HAVE it is my platform Moving Forward UNITED.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 12:00 AM

My reply to a question.....

If you have family and you say your happy Poor is how you look at it.. BUT if you talking money, You need to be asking WHY since 1980 we have giving Money in Tax breaks to the top 4% and it NEVER trickled down....... But i thought under this THEORY you were supposed to get paid better????.... But your tax rate is the same more if not its HIGHER then that of the top 4% but us who worked all of our lives are supposed to sit back and blame the BAD HOMBRES as DT calls it.... Look I KNOW it sounds like liberal talking points.. but i REALLY ask you how come we ONLY had GROWTH for the WORKING POOR under liberal TYPE Presidents? also how has DT made america Great by Colluding with a country that wants to destroy western ideas?




Monday, April 23, 2018 9:09 AM

I am also proud to Have

Signed the http://nofossilfuelmoney.org/ No fossie fuel money 

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