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This page features your positions on issues relevant to your community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and site visitors can click through to see additional information. You can edit this text by going to the "Pages" section in the control panel and clicking the "Edit" link next to "Issues".


We all watched in horror as those republicans in the house voted to repeal the ACA. Although it is not perfect we need to work in a bipartisan way to fix what we can and rewrite what does not work. 

Ultimately I would like to see a Medicare for all. Expanded Medicaid for the sick and elder. 

NO ONE should EVER be denied healthcare because they cannot afford what the INSURANCE COMPANIES charge. No ONE should EVER HAVE TO FILE Bankruptcy because they became sick. 

I PROMISE to fight for US. As someone with a Preexisting Condition I have a Intimate involvement with this issue 

Racial Issues

As a Puerto Rican Male adopted by a African American family, my father was born in 1927 in Boluxi, MI. Segregation was a major topic with my dad, He was Pastor and a WWII vet. Growing up I never new anything racist since my father did all he could to shield me from it.

Also reminding me that God made 1 race the HUMAN race! Respect and Love is what we need and to read and study Dr. King


I do not believe pharmaceutical companies should be advertising directly to you through commercials on TV, radio, billboards and printed matter. They are trying to create a country of hypochondriac's 

I Believe in a $15+ living wage

It is about time we pay the workers of the richest nation on earth a living wage. Not only would this pull most lower income folks out of poverty it would also generate MORE taxes for local,state and federal governments. This would cut down on food stamps and welfare saving governments Millions to Billions of tax dollars.

Not only helping first time job high school grads to believe they have an opportunity in life so they are less likely to turn to crime, drugs. 

End corruption by writing legislation

To end Citizens United supreme court ruling to allow dark money to fund campaigns thus enabling people to buy election whether it is democrat or republican. 

We need a public financing system so people know exactly who they are funding. ALL Super Pacs need to be banned plain and simple.

I would Push for ALL supreme court judges to be voted in to the Life time tenure, to insure there is a NONPARTISAN Court not liberal or conservative leaning but CONSTITUTION leaning!!!

100% behind Unions!

The Ability to form a Union I believe is a life blood to our country, To be able to collectively bargain, to have someone to represent the workers of a corporation. Someone to hold the Greedy and selfish accountable.

Renewable energy....

I believe we need to move towards at least 75% Wind and Solar in the next 30 years... 

Not only should we lead the world in this clean form of energy we also can be rebuilding our middle class with JOBs that cannot be shipped overseas.

So Yes, I am PRO science and PRO renewable energy.


From My Campaign to your family Happy Thanksgiving

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